Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for forthcoming meetings must be published and displayed no later than three clear days prior to a meeting. Electors and residents wishing any item to be included on the agenda for questions must inform the clerk at least fifteen days prior to a meeting. On this page all of the council meetings are listed with the date of the relevant meeting. All of the agendas and minutes can be downloaded. This page also archives all previous agendas, minutes and planning notices. For details of any of the planning applications listed go to the relevant notice which carries the planning reference, copy reference to your browser and visit  Paste or add planning reference to the search box on the linked site. Download documents as required.

Meeting DatesAgendasMinutes
Thursday 7th January 2021 Agenda Jan 2021Minutes Jan 21
Thursday 4th Febuary 2021Agenda Feb 2021Minutes Feb 2021
Thursday 4th March Agenda March 2021NPC March Minutes 2021
Thursday 1st April 2021Agenda April 2021 NPC April minutes 2021
Thursday 6th May 2021
The Annual meeting of the Parish Council
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council May 2021Annual Meeting of the Parish Council May 2021
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council May 2021
Thursday 3rd June 2021NPC June agendaNPC minutes June 2021
Thursday 8th July 2021Notton Parish Council Agenda July 2021
Thursday 7th October 2021 NPC Agenda October 2021October NPC minutes 2021
Thursday 4th November 2021NPC Agenda November 2021
Thursday 2nd
December 2021
NPC Agenda December 2021
Thursday 2nd September 2021 NPC Agenda September 2021NPC minutes September 2021